Have you always wondered what it’s like to be a spy? Here are some quick spy training tips from the experts (that’s the CIA and FBI)...

Spy Tip #1: How to Flush Out a Tail

Think you’re being followed? First off: trust your gut—that’s what agents do. If someone feels suspicious to you, you might be right. But you don’t want to get too paranoid (it happens to even the best of agents), so…

Try turning right, and then stop and pretend to tie your shoe. Your follower will be forced to stop, or pass you by. If you’re being followed, try making a quick exit, or use a disguise (like a baseball cap) to change your appearance.

Spy Tip #2: How to Spot a Crime-In-Progress

So how do spies and agents know something’s wrong? Simple: they use their observation skills. Your eyes and ears are better crime detection tools than any spy gadget.

Observe, and take notes. Try to figure out what all these clues mean—that’s the beginning of being a good detective or secret agent

Spy Tip #3: Making your own code

Want to create a code, to send secret messages to your friends? The easiest way (aside from pig-Latin, which is way too easy to crack) is to create a quick code system for words you use a lot.

Like this:

Linc’s house: L
Sam’s house: S
Play Racing Mania: RM
After School: AS

So if Linc wanted to tell Sam he’s coming over to Sam’s house to play Racing Mania after school, the code would be SRMAS.

For more ideas on different types of codes, be sure to read Double Vision. You can learn how to decode messages right along with Linc.

Spy Tip #4: All about Hobo signs

Want to learn more about Hobo signs, like the ones Linc found in Double Vision? Check out this great page full of hobo signs by the Missouri Folkore Society, so you can draw your own coded message...



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