Want to join Linc on his adventures? Find out what the Double Vision books are all about, and how to get your hands on a copy.

Are you ready to be a junior secret agent???

Of course you're not. What regular kid is, right? Don't worry, Linc Baker isn't all that ready either. He's just a regular kid who got in trouble once or twice...

Okay, so maybe it's more often than twice.

But it turns out that Linc looks just like this super junior secret agent called Ben Green. And Pandora, a top-secret government agency, wants Linc to take his place on dangerous missions...

Join Linc on his spy adventures in Double Vision,
Double Vision: Code Name 711
, and
Double Vision: The Alias Men!




Your Mission

Get ready to be a junior secret agent!

Status: Top Secret

Place: Right where you are

Time: Now!

Now that you've finished your training, you're ready to go out into the field. Check out these cool spy games.

This is classified information. So if you're not ready to be a spy, you don't want to go here... It's  TOP SECRET!